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Three Suggestions for Finding the Right Yoga Sports Bra

Three Suggestions for Finding the Right Yoga Sports Bra

The right sports bra can be somewhat elusive when you need something sturdy to help you further your yoga practice. Women want something that will offer complete coverage and lots of support as they move through their asanas and yoga flows. If you’ve been combing through the racks of workout clothing in search of the perfect sports bra, it may be easier to find than you think. 

Before you go shopping, keep these suggestions in mind to find a quality sports bra that will stand up to your rigorous yoga practice. 

Look For Thick Fabrics

Wearing a sports bra that is too thin can lead to some embarrassing mishaps and wardrobe faux pas. Particularly when you enter into a chilly yoga studio or begin to cool down from an intense practice, you may end up revealing more to your classmates. Thick fabrics help to conceal some of these unavoidable mishaps and allow you to feel less concerned with your outward appearance. 

Be sure to choose fabrics that can efficiently wick away sweat and moisture though. Breathable options, such as spandex-type material or those with mesh cutouts, will be more comfortable throughout your yoga practice than a cotton material that holds moisture. 

Consider A Lightly Lined Option 

Much like wearing a bra made from fabric that is too thin, a sports bra with no padding in it leaves nothing to the imagination during your yoga practice. A sports bra with a light liner worked into the cups can help to smooth out any trouble areas and keep away unwanted attention to this area. Be sure to look for liners that are removable so they can be washed and taken care of over time. 

A sports bra with too much padding or push-up in the cups can leave you feeling overly exposed during class. Similarly, you will want to avoid low-cut styles that reveal excessive cleavage. It draws a lot of unnecessary attention to the shape of your body and the size of your chest, which is distracting for both you and your classmates. 

Instead, practice a little bit of self-love by embracing what your chest looks like naturally with only the smallest amount of padding to help conceal trouble areas. 

Choose Thick Straps 

Women with large chests likely already know that wider straps can help to distribute the weight better and offer additional support. Some sports bras are now made with straps that look no different than a traditional bra for everyday wear. These very thin straps can cut into the shoulders during a rigorous practice instead of providing the extra support you would want during a workout. 

A good sports bra made for yoga will likely have wide straps connected to a higher neckline and good coverage over the back and shoulders. The extra fabric here serves to distribute the weight as you move through your sequence more comfortably. 

Purchasing the right sports bra can give you both confidence and comfort during your practice, so be sure to keep these suggestions in mind next time you go shopping.

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