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Yoga for Children: Bringing a Calm and Healthy Mindset to Kids

Yoga for Children: Bringing a Calm and Healthy Mindset to Kids

The benefits of yoga are well known. It can help keep you flexible, strong, and improve your mental health. All these can be passed on to children as well. There are many ways yoga can enhance your children’s lives and is a great way to teach them about caring for their body. Here are some tips on how to start introducing your children to yoga to bring the health, happiness, and grounding.

Tip One: Keep It Simple

Some yoga poses are going be too difficult or too involved to keep a child interested. Sticking to basic poses helps the stay focused, and also teaches them the foundations of yoga. As they mature and grow, both as people and in their own practices, they can start exploring. At the beginning, only the basic poses though, such as Downward Dog, Warrior, and other foundation poses are a great place to start your yoga practice, and the that worked for you. Those will likely work well for your children too.

Tip Two: Be Flexible

You know that yoga is largely about flexibility. This does not just refer to your muscles either. When you are trying to get your child to engage yoga, they may have different plans. You and your child will both enjoy it more if you go with the flow. This lets them explore their own practice while having your guidance and help.

Tip Three: Be Fun

Activities that children like to do again and again have to be fun. If you want them to enjoy the time spent practicing yoga, finding ways to make it a game can keep them wanting to come back. A great way to add some fun is to introduce some poses based on animals. Cat and Cow poses are simple poses that can be made even more fun by introducing animal noises. While this can get a little loud, especially if you have more than one child, it is all for good fun. Let them experience yoga with a sense of joy and happiness. It will help them associate good health with happy times.

Tip Four: Remember That They Are Children

It is important for you to manage your expectations. They probably are not going to stay interested during a full hour-long practice, and they may decide that your poses are not what they want to do. Trying to force young children into yoga is a sure fire way to chase them away.

To get your children into their own yoga practice, you need to let them lead. You will want to show them the basics, and let them move on from there in their own way. You want them to find their own practice, not be pushed into your idea of yoga. Make it fun for them, so they associate activity with good times and remember children will likely find their own way. It should not be forced, and watching them grow is ever so satisfying as a parent.

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